Hi there! You've reached Live On The Coke Side Of Life, a website created to unite all the fans of the delicious drink Coca-Cola around the world.

Coca-Cola, that is also commonly called simply Coke in European and American countries, is a carbonated soft drink, which was originally intended as a patent medicine when it was invented in the late 19th century and was later transformed into what we know as Coke nowadays.

This fanlisting was opened in January 2007 (when Merryn adopted it to me) and it is approved by The Fanlistings Network, where it's listed under the Foods/Drinks category.


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New layout!

Nov 16, 2008 | Link | Coca-Cola (Coke) |

The Coke fanlisting has been revamped. I hope you like it! If you find any problem with it, just let me know.

Up and running!

Jan 21, 2007 | Link | Coca-Cola (Coke) |

Whee! The fanlisting for Coke is open! I got the email from Merryn telling me that I could take the fanlisting today and I have already finished it. I hope you like the layout!
Please Read: As Merryn used to own the fanlisting for Coke & Diet Coke as one fanlisting (then she ’split’ them and passed to me the Coke fanlisting while she’ll keep the Diet Coke fanlisting), the older members are not identified to which listing they did belong to, so she decided that the best was to open the fanlisting with a fresh member list, to what I completely agreed. So if you were a member of the previous fanlisting, you’re welcome to re-join, thank you!

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